Welcome to the whistleblowergate for Axactor

 Axactor aims to have a professional and positive workplace with a respectful, open and inclusive environment. All employees in Axactor shall behave with respect and integrity towards anyone they encounter through their work. Axactor shall create an environment free from discrimination and do not tolerate any breaches of applicable laws and/or regulations, or business practice principles as outlined in the polices and the Code of Conduct. This also applies for anyone with whom Axactor conduct business. Axactor therefore encourages everyone to report censurable conditions in accordance with this whistleblowing procedure and applicable law and welcomes the whistle-blower’s potential contribution to improvements to the Axactor organization.

 The term “censurable conditions” includes circumstances that violate

•           Laws and/or regulations

•           Ethical standards set out in Axactor’s Code of Conduct

•           Measures to prevent illegal activities set out in Axactor’s policies, including the Code of Conduct, anti-money laundering, anti-fraud and anti-corruption policies.

 Notifiable conditions could be corruption, bullying or freeze-out behavior, tax violations, threats to life and health, breaches of health, safety and environmental regulations, misuse of inside information, fraud and embezzlement.

 It is not necessary for the whistle-blower to evidence the reported condition, or to prove that it is in fact censurable. It is sufficient for the whistle-blower to be acting in good faith.

Consequences against the employee who whistleblows is forbidden, and when you file a report in your own name, you have, according to the working environment act, a right to be protected and may be entitled to compensation should any form of reprisal occur.

 You can choose to be anonymous. In such case you, will be provided with a username and password so that you at a later stage can log in to see the status of your case and securely communicate with your case manager/advisor. However, to ensure the best possible management of your report, it may be of benefit to know your identity. You can at any point chose to identify yourself.

Data privacy

This whistleblowing system gives employees and third parties the opportunity to provide protected information on legal infringements within Axactor. To be able to appropriately process a report we need enough information from you to investigate the report given, including any evidence you have to support it.

When you file a report, a case file containing the details of your report is established. This normally includes your identity, contact details and any other information you have given us about individuals involved. We will treat the information you provide confidentially. Please see our whistleblower procedure for more information (Link).

 You can contact us anonymously if you prefer but we are more likely to be able to investigate potential wrongdoing if we are confident that the person making the disclosure is in a position to make an informed report. It will also mean we are better able to provide feedback about any action we have taken, if we can.

 Axactor’s whistleblowing processes comply with the requirements of both GDPR and the EU whistleblower protection directive.

 The processing is based on the legitimate interest and our legal obligation to detect and prevent grievances and the associated prevention of damage and liability risks for Axactor. The processing also serves to prevent criminal offences or other legal infringements in connection with the employment relationship in Axactor.

 This whistleblower system is operated by a specialized company (data processor) on behalf of Axactor (data controller). Personal data and information entered in the whistleblowing system are stored in a secured database to which only a small group of expressly authorized and specially trained resources can access. The personal data will only be processed for the purpose to carry out necessary investigative activities aimed at verifying the validity of the report and the adoption of the consequent measures. Access to the personal data will be kept to a minimum on a need-to-know basis, but may in addition to key Axactor employees include third parties as for example consultants (e.g. law firms, etc.) and institutions and / or public authorities, judicial authorities, police, investigative agencies.

The information relating to your report will only be stored as long as it is necessary limited to maximum two years. Pursuant to European data protection legislation, you and the persons named in the report have a right of information, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing and objection to processing of your personal data. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

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