Welcome to TOMRA Notification Portal for reporting inappropriate behavior

Should you become aware of or have concerns about any information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical or inappropriate within the organization, we would ask that you report your concerns using this communication channel. We are grateful for your engagement, and will respond to all reported concerns in a timely manner.

As an employee in a full or part-time position, as an apprentice, student or intern you have a right - and sometimes are required - to report inappropriate behavior.

Any incidents of the following should be reported:

  • Breach of laws or rules

  • Breach of the organization’s ethical guidelines

  • Breach of ethical norms

Further examples can include: financial misdeeds or crimes, breach of health, safety or environmental rules, harassment or inappropriate use of position.

Please be assured that it is illegal to be subjected to consequences in response to whistleblowing. If you choose to make your identity known when reporting a concern you have a right to be protected and can be entitled to compensation if any reprisal should take place.

Although it can be more efficacious to make your identity known when reporting a concern, you may also do so anonymously. In this case you will be automatically given a username and password so that you at a later date can log in to see the status of your case and securely communicate with your case manager/advisor. You can at any point choose to identify yourself.

TOMRAS code of conduct

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  • This is where you register with your own identity, use your own e-mail
  • When we receive a new case, all personal information regarding the individual will be kept confidential.
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Do you wish to remain anonymous?

  • Use this if you do not want to provide your personal information and remain anonymous throughout the case
  • You will be given a username and password which you can use to log in and communicate securely with the advisor
  • You can chose to reveal your information at later stage if you so wish, it's up to you.
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